Monday, July 23, 2012

Like a bird that sees a fish in the sea

“…the Lord spoke to the bride, saying: ‘I look at people in three ways: first, their outer body and what condition it is in; second, their inner conscience, what it tends toward and in what way; third their heart and what it desires. Like a bird that sees a fish in the sea and assesses the depth of the water and also takes not of storm winds, I, too, know and assess the ways of each person and take note of what is due to each, for I am keener of sight and can assess the human situation better than a person knows his own self.”
            -St. Bridget of Sweden, The Book of Knights
Lord, on this feast of St. Bridget of Sweden, please give us the grace to realize that you know us better than we know ourselves. Replace our hearts with yours, and make our desires your own.
St. Bridget of Sweden, Pray for Us!

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